Best Value Europe (BV-E) is an international organization, founded to spread the philosophy of Best Value. We promote research and provide training on the theory and application of Best Value principles in Europe.

In Europe we are increasingly confronted with crises and scandals. The conventional reaction to those missteps is to implement more rules, more inspections and more supervision. That does not lead to a safer environment. It leads to higher cost, more bureaucracy and less job satisfaction. Best Value is a method that reduces uncertainty and prevents incidents.

What is Best Value?

Best Value is a proven method for achieving results in (project) organizations. The Best Value principles are simple, but differ strongly from conventional management practices.

Best Value acknowledges that change is hard and has to come from within.

Resources spent on regulations, controlling and inspections run the risk of being a waste of effort, time and money.

Instead of looking for security in rules, contracts and supervision, Best Value achieves results by putting an emphasis on craftsmanship, transparency and accountability.

Best Value leads to higher quality and creativity and thus to a better competitive position.

Best Value is win-win, but not magic. The method is simple, implementation in projects or organizations requires leadership and commitment of employees.

Best Value Europe provides education, certification, interactive sessions and more.

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