A Associates

BV-E is focused on spreading the philosophy of Best Value and applying it in Europe: in organizations, projects and processes. We stimulate the use of Best Value principles in Procurement, Risk Management and Project Management. Gradually we are setting up Best Value knowledge centers in several European countries.

BV-E operates with a Best Value license from PBSRG / ASU and works closely with founder Dr. Dean Kashiwagi. BV-E is a network organization, based on the principles of the Best Value Approach: using expertise, transparency and win-win.

Anybody who wants to contribute actively to raising the level of Best Value can participate by becoming an associate of Best Value Europe.

What’s in it for you?

  • A+ trainers participate actively, for instance by joining the Certification Board;
  • Visibility is increased by being presented on the website, using metrics. We also present your organization and activities on the BV-E website;
  • Your performance is improved by peer reviews, participation in the knowledge and experience sessions and by learning from others;
  • Your portfolio is expanded by obtaining Best Value projects through Best Value Europe;
  • A+ Best Value trainers may issue the B certificate to trainees, on completion of a Best Value B Certificate training;
  • A 25% discount on the admission fee of the annual Best Value Europe conference.

What does BV-E expect of A and A+ certified associates?

To ensure the quality of BV-E, active participation is necessary. This is expressed in educational points, of which a minimum of 5 per year is required.

The educational points are obtained by:

  • Participating in free knowledge and experience sessions (1 point each);
  • Publishing the results of your project (2 points per project);
  • Certifying a person to level A (3 points per person, only for A+ trainers);
  • Organizing and contributing to the annual Best Value Europe conference (3 points).

The annual membership fee is € 1000,-.

More information for A associates is listed in the terms and conditions.

Have you become enthusiastic? Join us in our European mission!