Best Value Europe Certification board and NEVI board merged into one certification board

SEPTEMBER 17, 2018

The Best Value landscape in the Netherlands has reached a new milestone. As of September 1st, the certification board of NEVI and Best Value Europe have been merged into one joint board, which is part of the Best Value Nederland Collective.

Certification by experts


The Best Value board certifies professionals who want to obtain their Best Value A certificate. Until  September 1st2018 the boards of NEVI and Best Value Europe operated separately. Based on the desire to further professionalise Best Value as an approach and to introduce more uniformity in standards, it was decided to merge both boards.

With the merger, the new board consists of a group of leading Best Value experts in the Netherlands and the foundations have been laid for the common standard in the Netherlands and Europe. This is done in close cooperation with Best Value researchers and faculty of Arizona State University, license provider of Best Value. Earlier, Best Value founder Dr. Dean Kashiwagi retired from Arizona State University.

The A-certification process of both boards has some differences. Starting from January 1st 2019, the evaluation process has been fully harmonized. Until then, both processes apply to complete the ongoing certification processes.

Best Value Netherlands Collective

Earlier this year, NEVI, Best Value Europe Centre and TU Delft decided to work together in the new Best Value Netherlands Collective. This collective is the successor of the Association Best Value Nederland and aims to further develop and disseminate the Best Value range of ideas, taking into account the local context in which the approach is applied.